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【Today's Evergreen Music Best 20 # 004(2012/03/18 )】


Today's Evergreen Music Best 20 # 004(2012/03/18 )

Yanxia uploads(Names are real names)

Tunes with the initials of "A" part 1

①Abide With Me(Mahalia Jackson) ②Abracadabra(The Steve Miller Band) ③Abril en Portugal(Amália da Piedade Rodrigues) ④Across The Universe(The Beatles) ⑤Act Naturally(Alvis Edgar Owens, Jr.) ⑥Amazing Grace(Eva Marie Cassidy) ⑦Always On My Mind(Willie Hugh Nelson) ⑧Am I Blue(Elinore Harris / Lady Day) ⑨Amapola(Andrea Bocelli) ⑩America(Paul Simon & Arthur Garfunkel) ⑪Adoro(Graciela Susana) ⑫Ain't Misbehavin'(Ruth Lee Jones) ⑬Ain't No Mountain High Enough(Diana Ernestine Earle Ross & The Supremes) ⑭Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone(William Harrison Withers, Jr.) ⑮Alfie(Marie Dionne Warrick) ⑯Alfonsina Y El Mar(Haydée Mercedes Sosa) ⑰Alice in Wonderland(William John Evans Trio) ⑱All By Myself(Eric Howard Carmen) ⑲All I Have To Do Is Dream(The Everly Brothers) ⑳All My Trials(Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey & Mary Travers)

(いつものとおり、Single Palayerはすべて本名。芸名が誰だか分かればあなたは「通」です)



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